Rad Max

With Halloween just a mere few weeks away, and my annual costume party coming up fast I have been busy at work preparing. I recently undertook a little DIY job, painting my living room to make sure it is in perfect shape for entertaining. However, as much work as there is to be done. When I had the opportunity to see one of my favorite stars I stepped off the step ladder and made it happen. My major crush on Max Greenfield was chronicled here a few months back. I actually have started watching “New Girl” after several people insisted. Even after a few episodes, my dislike of Zoey still stands. Even if you’ve never seen an episode of ” New Girl”, if you’ve seen Max in anything you know he is super charismatic and charming. Plus, he wrote one of the best issues of GOOP Blog ever. When I saw Max, after his appearance on “The Late Show with David Letterman”, I was eager to chat GOOP.


After his issue was published, both he and Gwyneth expressed their mutual adoration for each other. But, went on to reveal they’ve actually never met. How tragic. When I told Max that I loved his issue and it was one of my favorites, he laughed as if I might be mocking him. To express my dire seriousness about his contribution to what I consider to be the third testament of the Bible I went into detail. I explained how I found his claims that life was not about turkey ragu and high neck Rag and Bone sweaters to be troubling. But, the sentiment that life is actually about sharing what you love with those you care about and how that’s what GOOP does, was perfectly put. I guess this must have impressed Max, because with a big smile flashed across his face he said “I’m actually trying to do another one.” I for one would love to see what else Max has to share with us GOOP subscribers. I then had to ask if Max had ever gotten the chance to meet GP. (I actually referred to Gwyneth as GP to Max Greenfield which Lauren the Professional Fangirl pointed out to me.) Max informed he has not, even though they have been in the same place at events like “Stand Up to Cancer”. I like the idea of Max and Gwyneth becoming friends, because it gives me hope that I too could become friends with her. I mean her previous besties like Madonna and Wynonna Ryder are so A list it left me little hope. But, I could totes see Max, Gwynnie and I sitting around eating turkey ragu in matching Rag and Bone high neck sweaters, writing an issue of GOOP together.

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