I Want to Thank the Academy…

Look Meryl, I have three Oscars too!

Some people’s favorite season is autumn, for others it’s the summer heat that does it for them… but for me? My favorite season is Awards season. And, the high holiday we look forward to all season? The Oscars. Last night, we gathered at my house for the 84th Annual Academy Awards. I remember watching it with my mother when I was little, but last year I decided to throw a little party and I am hoping it is in the process of becoming a tradition. Since I had been on a tear with previous Best Picture winners, I did not have a chance to watch this year’s batch of nominees. While filling out my ballot, I realized I had only watched the Help, the Iron Lady, My Week with Marilyn, the Beginners, Drive and Harry Potter. Since it was the only Best Picture nominee i had seen, one of my favorite books and one of my top movies of last year I decided that my party would be The Help themed. Admittedly, I was nervous about the reaction since the movie got mixed reviews amongst my friends based on it’s racial subtext, but I forged on and decided to avoid anything that could be viewed as distasteful. Like blackface. Guess, Billy Crystal didn’t feel the same.

Ironically. I put together the party without hired help, unless you count my best friend Dana. But, I did do a Southern menu. I whipped up fried chicken, baked mac and cheese, some deviled eggs (with and without paprika for Ms. Hilly), ambrosia and even a chocolate pie. I was nervous as I was born and bred in New York City, but my guests all raved about the food. As an additional treat, I whipped Oscar statues made of Oscar cookies and a brownie base. My friend, Sara brought a Southern Comfort punch and my other guests brought their favorite bubbly to toast the winners and the losers alike.

Speaking of winners, four of the main five catergories turned out just as everyone expected and I wanted. Octavia Spencer rode the Help tidal wave from bit player to Oscar winner, Captain Von Trapp himself Christopher Plummer won for the Beginners and my new crush and owner of the best eyebrows in Hollywood and Paris alike, Jean Dejardin won for the Artist. Which also won Best Picture. The only snafu? Viola Davis lost to Meryl Streep in the Best Actress race. Meryl has spun gold year after year and the Academy has turned a blind eye. This year she delivers a good performance in a movie that is merely adequate and wins gold. She not only wins gold, but she wins it over Viola Davis who is the most amazing part of an incredible film. It was really unfortunate. But, as Reese Witherspoon, Gwyneth Paltrow, Sandra Bullock, Halle Berry and Nicole Kidman can attest that sometimes being the best actress doesn’t work out for the best. I am positive that Viola has a full career ahead of her and that her time at the podium will come eventually.

Now, on to the most important part of the night… the Fashion. Holy shit. How good did Gwyneth look last night? In a white Tom Ford that was a perfect blend of minimal feminine grace and masculine edge GP takes best dressed according to BEST Blog. And the cape? Some haters are saying it was too super womanish. But, come on Gwyneth is an actress, wife, mother, lifestyle guru, etc. She is Super Woman! So a cape is a natural fit. Moving on, some people hated it, but I die for Emma Stone in Giambatista Valli HC. The shade of red with her hair and skin? The bow on the neck? Its all amazing. And finally, some major snaps to this award season’s darling Jessica Chastain. Her finish to three month long red carpet bonanza was strong after what some may consider a bumpy fashion season for her. Decked in Alexander McQueen, Jessica was a winner even if she went home empty handed.

As for worst dressed, I have a few bones to pick. First, Natalie Portman, I know a lot of people loved it I was not about her vintage polka dot Dior. I’m not her biggest fan overall, but I felt like this year after her Oscar win for Black Swan and the birth of her baby that she needed to wow us. This Vintage Dior did not do that for me. She was not perfect. I did not feel it. Next, is Rooney Mara who told Ryan Seacrest that she picked her gown that morning, it shows baby girl. Your dress looks like you’re a little girl who borrowed something from mom for a school dance. It’s baggy, ill fitting and overall a snooze. It was like visual Klonopin. Finally, it pains me to write this. But, the only silver lining to Viola losing? That this Vera Wang seaweed gown won’t follow her for the rest of her life. I think that Viola looked incredible with her natural hair and think that her not feeling compelled to wear a wig is such a wonderful message. But, not even my love for her can excuse that dress.

All in all, I had so much fun with this year’s Oscars and am looking forward to next year. I feel like I will be hard pressed to top this year’s party according to my guests. But, I’ve already come up with a few ideas. I hope that in years to come we get to see Viola recognized by the Academy, I think she is one of the strongest actresses out there. And, on a more personal/selfish level I hope we get to see more of Jean Dejardin. What a dreamboat. I want to personally thank the Academy for introducing me to him. Thank you, now I know that you like me… you really like me


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2 responses to “I Want to Thank the Academy…

  1. LC

    You can take a woman’s gold, but you best leave her wig alone.

  2. FML for missing the party, especially the mac and cheese.

    Viola Davis’ cleavage is smooshed up so far…

    No matter what I do, I will never be as strong or as thin as Gwyneth. Or rock a white dress like she can.

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